World’s Most Luxurious Bathtubs

World’s Most Luxurious Bathtubs

World’s Most Luxurious Bathtubs

Everyone knows that bathtubs are extremely important item of every house. Bathtubs are very useful in every bathroom in many ways. The people with a high standard of living and living luxurious life have bathtubs in their homes but they don't just settle with white and ordinary bathtubs. There are many kinds of bathtubs available in the market among which are most expensive because of their luxurious look and space. People having large and luxurious homes should have this kind of luxurious bathtubs as well which further adds luxuries to their home. Some people wished to have luxurious bathrooms and wanted to spend more on their bathrooms to make them comfortable.

As jaw dropping as it gets, here are some of the most luxurious bathtubs in the world:

Serenity Bathtub

This incredibly styled from solid bronze with silver and gold accents bathtub will make the one bathing feel like a royalty (or maybe in this case they already are). This 2 feet tall & 18 inches deep tub can be bought for $76,658.40, not surprising that only a dozen of this particular design was produced.

Le Cob Glass Bathtub

Le Cob Glass unfussy bathtub that is made with many features of a pool provides a relaxing effect on the people due to the perfect water circulation in it and pebbles under the surface of tub gives a relaxing effect on the people. It is not very big one that is an advantage about it and can possibly be easily kept in small bathrooms. This $34,000 bathtub is ideal for those who love seeing the simplicity and beauty of glass.

Red Diamond Bathtub

One amazing function this bathtub is that it offers the GSM module, this lets you 'call' the bathtub and get it ready for a nice bath in advance. You can control it through your smartphone, this is clearly the technological future of bathtubs. This is worth $47,200.

Diamond Bathtub

Diamonds are forever, they say. Who would have imagined that you can have your diamonds as you bathe? It is designed especially with some traditional look that is very expensive. It is designed with almost valuable Swarovski stones that kept it look beautiful and luxurious. The price of this particular bathtub is $39,000.

The Baldi Rock Crystal Bathtub

The Baldi Rock Crystal is the tub that was also designed very high-class. It is designed in the style of Italy to make it appear like the creation the older Italian sculptures. It is so high-class, that it will look like a sculpture in a museum. This $790,310 bathtub is enhanced with precious stones and diamonds.