Training Kids to Keep the Bathroom Organized

Training Kids to Keep the Bathroom Organized

Training Kids to Keep the Bathroom Organized

Teaching the kids the importance of having a clean and organized bathroom can be a bit tricky especially if they are feeling naughty and playful during bath time. Most kids would just go playing and splashing with their favorite bath toys, leaving the bathroom a mess. But as parents, it is our duty to teach and train the kids to be independent when it comes to maintaining a tidy bathroom. You can start training the kids through these simple ways:

Set Rules in the Bathroom

It may sound such a buzzkill, but imposing some rules in the bathroom wouldn’t hurt that much. Your kids may have a hard time following these rules but they’ll eventually get used to it, plus, you can teach your children discipline by letting they obey the rules you made. Also make sure that the rules you set are of course,  achievable. It’s good for your kids to follow some rules in the bathroom and start doing so at a young age so that it will not be hard for them when they grow up.

Lead an Example

Of course, the best way to train the kids to leave the bathroom organized is to show them that you, yourself value cleanliness. For starters, you can show them the proper way of cleaning and arranging the toys or bath products so that they will know what to do when they are already the one tidying up the bathroom. You should also make sure that you exhibit consistency in keeping the bathroom organized.

Make Bathroom Organizing Interesting

Let’s be honest here, cleaning is never interesting but it doesn’t have to be this way for the kids because they can have a fun time while cleaning a disorganized bathroom. You can innovate some fun activity that will encourage them to help in arranging the toys and bath products they used. Example is to tell a story as you organize the items into its proper places. Also, by cleaning up the bathroom together, you can spend more time with your kids., hitting two birds with one stone!

Make Use of Bath Toy Organizers

There are already bath toy organizers available in the market. Using this can be easier and more convenient for you and your kids. You just have to make sure that the bath toy organizer you purchase is sturdy enough to hold the toys and is mold-free so that it won’t damage your kids’ toys.

As parents, we only want what is best for their upbringing and cleanliness is one important thing they should learn even at a young age. Teaching the kids the importance of having an organized bathroom is essential if you want them to grow considerate with their environment’s hygiene.