Importance of Bathing to Your Baby’s Brain Development

Importance of Bathing to Your Baby’s Brain Development

Importance of Bathing to Your Baby’s Brain Development

Most parents are often unaware of the benefits of bath time to their babies, what they usually think is that bathing is all about cleaning and making your little ones fresh before and after a long day. But latest studies in psychology reveal that bathing your babies actually have advantageous effects in their brain activity and development.


Here are some bath time facts you need to know:

Bath Talk Can Help in Learning

When taking a bath, always see to it that you have an actual conversation with them. Ask them about colors, numbers, letters, simple instructions or you can also tell them a story while you bathe them. As early as possible, you should expose them to verbal communication so that they can have a wider vocabulary and can communicate well.

Bubbles During Bath Time Improves Hand-Eye Coordination

Children love bubbles, they play with it and enjoy doing so. But did you know that letting them play with those will help them practice and improve their hand and eye coordination? Bubbles also teach babies that things can exist even when they are not seen.

Bath Time Music Stimulates Memory

Music can really aid in babies’ brain development but have you ever thought of bringing music inside the bathroom? You might as well consider doing so because study shows that playing music or even just singing nursery rhymes and bath songs with them can stimulate a part of their brain that is responsible for visual imagery and memory.

Multi-Sensory Experiences

Bath time is s time for touch. Research shows that this can help in the cognitive and emotional development of the babies. Every time you rub your baby’s skin, their heart rate and blood pressure becomes smaller which causes them to be more calm and relaxed. During bath, the babies also use most of their senses, from listening to the dripping and splashing of water, watching bubbles pop, and to smelling soap and shampoo. Their multi-sensory skill is practiced and stimulated.

Technology-Free Time

Most of the parent won’t probably bring any technological devices when bathing their babies maybe because of the fear of dropping them in the water. If you are to give your baby a bath, bathroom should be a gadget-free zone because bath time is supposed to be an intimate activity for your little one. This intimate activity will bring out the strongest parent-child bond between you and your precious little one.