Cool Bathtub Toys for Kids

Cool Bathtub Toys for Kids

Cool Bathtub Toys for Kids

Bath times are fun! Or they should be. But once your toddlers are not in the mood, it could turn into a nightmare for you and for the kids. So if you are struggling to make bath times interesting for the kids, better think of getting your kids some cool bath toys to play with. And you may be surprised that your grumpy little kid will be splashing and laughing as he/she takes a bath.


Here are some toys your kids will probably enjoy:

Stacking Ducks Cups

Kids love ducks as much as they love anything colorful and no doubt, they will surely enjoy these colorful stacking duck cups. They can enjoy filling up these ducks with water and splash it within the tub or to you!

Foam Stickers

These foam stickers come in different colors, sizes, shapes, forms and characters. You can buy those with colorful shapes so you can teach your toddlers basic colors and shapes while they take a bath. You can also buy those with characters so you can tell them a story. See? Bathing doesn’t have to be just about cleaning, it can be both fun and educational.

Squeaky Yellow Ducks

Nothing beats the original. Of course, almost all of us if not all experienced playing with these squeaky yellow ducks. These are the usual toys most parents give their children. And for sure, kids love the squishiness and yellowness of these cute little ducks.

Fishnet and Fishes

Do your kids love catching fishing? Well, you can take that into the four corners of your bathroom. You can give them these toy fishnets and fishes. They will surely have fun pretending to be fishermen trying to catch fishes in the ocean.


Kids see submarines on televisions and they would love to ride in it. But it’s impossible to do that so why not just let them pretend to be riding those submarines in their bathtubs? Kids will undoubtedly enjoy this!

Bathing can be a fun and enjoyable daily activity. As parents, you just have to look and think of fun activities your kids can do while they take a bath. All these toys will keep your kids really busy so you don’t have to worry about them being so grumpy as you bathe them. Kids just need a little touch of fun for them to enjoy their daily activities.