Who says bath time isn't fun? There are many ways to make bath time a fun time session that your kids will surely love. And how about having fun during bath time while learning colors and improving creativity and imagination? Check this out!

Color-Themed Bath Session:

This kind of bath time game is actually mastering the color while having fun taking a bath. It's mastering one color at a time.

First, you have to decide what color for that particular day. Then, create a color themed bath. For instance, for Color Red Themed Bath Session, simply add few drops of RED food coloring to the bath water. It will surely add fun element to bath time. It only takes a moment and washes right down the drain. Note- using food coloring in this way will not stain your bath or child. While you kid is enjoying the bath, let him say the name of the color for several times so as to allow your child to familiarize and master the specific color.

You can also add red color toys on the tub. Remember, it's a red color-themed bath time. It's a great way to teach young children colors and is great fun!

Bath Painting Session:

This bath time game also involves learning colors. To do this, you have to make an improvised bath paint. Making up a batch of bath paint only takes a minute and kids love it! To make your own bath paint all you need is shaving cream and food coloring. You can whip up one color or a whole batch. Simply mix a few drops of food coloring into the shaving cream and that's it.

Allow the child to paint anything he wants while he's on the tub. This allows him to have a fun bath time while improving his creativity and imagination, and learning colors at the same time. Extend this activity and make scented bath paint. It only takes a moment longer and is so much fun.

Wall Painting Bath Session:

I know that there sell bath crayons and markers in stores but those really aren't necessary. You can simply toss in washable markers that you already have on hand. Just be sure that they are washable and you are good to go. Let your kids color the walls! Nothing to worry, as long as it's a washable markers. Little ones will have a blast coloring all over the walls and tub, and once bath time is over, all the mess will wash right down the drain. You will never have a problem with staining but if you ever do, don't worry. A spray bottle of bleach and water will take care of it.

Extend this activity and set up a creative art bath station. This is especially great for a rainy day.